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RGB 2017: The Philosophy

5 December, 2016

In 1704, Isaac Newton first discovered that ordinary light is made up of a mixture of light of countless different wavelengths, or colours. This confused some people, because artists had known for a long time that they could create just about any colour with a properly chosen mixture of three paint pigments. Why did Newton’s […] +Read More

Priscilla’s Picks

16 December, 2015

The J29. “Fashion can be anything really, but what it should be at least once in it’s lifetime, is FUN. As you design a collection, you can have several tensions or concerns to deal with, expectations hovering over your shoulder, and I guess, the perennial worry that what you’re trying to say is not coming […] +Read More

Priscilla’s Picks

8 December, 2015

The J35. “The J35 is the somewhat distant sister of the J18. In the design stages, once we knew that we really had something special with the J18, my challenge was to offer an alternative of it for a different kind of woman, a different tone of voice and a different message to be said. […] +Read More

Priscilla’s Picks

1 December, 2015

The J1. “The J1 was first done as a sample in September 2014, just in time for me to take to New York when we brought Madness & Civilisation there for Coterie 2014. It was done up in a nice Navy crepe, and it turned out to be the perfect partner for a 23 hour […] +Read More

Priscilla’s Picks

24 November, 2015

  The J18. “To the untrained eye, the J18 may seem uncharacteristic in an Ong Shunmugam collection. No prints? No colour? No tension? But once you slip into it, all confusion clears away. You’ll look into a mirror and look back at yourself enveloped in a seamless package of contradictions – sharp yet relaxed, dark […] +Read More

Top Honours

23 November, 2015

Designer Priscilla Shunmugam became the first representative from the fashion industry to receive The Outstanding Young Alumni Award at The National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Alumni Awards 2015. The prestigious Awards recognise alumni who have excelled locally and internationally, and have made significant contributions to the University and society. Priscilla read law at NUS and […] +Read More

Priscilla’s Picks

17 November, 2015

The J28. “The first thing to understand about Ong Shunmugam’s use of traditional textiles is that these textiles were never produced for the kind of use that we subject them to. Predictably, this gives rise to more problems than we’d like to admit. It could stretch from broad notions that traditional textiles are produced in […] +Read More

Priscilla’s Picks

11 November, 2015

The J17. “The J17 is excellent proof that the midi length dress, though extremely underrated here in Asia, is the measure of the truly fashion forward. Common misconceptions run wild; that this length is dowdy, shortens and is maybe only for the school principal you never wanted to be. But from Christian Dior to Roland […] +Read More

Priscilla’s Picks

3 November, 2015

J36 “Over the past few years, a clash of textures and print is a house signature that has developed, somewhat naturally. I think this is a direct result of the sheer variety of textiles which we play with and the sheer geographical vastness that they inherently represent. So when you look at the J36, you […] +Read More

Priscilla’s Picks

27 October, 2015

The J6 “Every collection inevitably surfaces the favourites – the bestselling pieces that everyone falls in love with, even if I’m not really into them myself. The J6 however, is one of those rare intersections where I actually am very fond of it in the design stage and then much to my delight, discover later […] +Read More

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