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Prints Charming

A print-based collection drawing heavily from traditional Asian textiles, Prints Charming presents a brave clash of print and texture.

At the heart of Prints Charming is a historical study of gender identity across Asia, which considers in particular, the changing agencies and expectations of women in society. By trying to answer the question of what it means to be a modern Asian woman, the label investigates long-held beliefs about prescribed feminity.

Acknowledging the multifactorial nature of gender relations, a woman’s masculinity and her ideals thereof are explored through the use silhouette, proportion or fabric in varying degrees and detail. The collection also liberates stereotypically constraining outfits like the sari and the kebaya with practicality, while taking the long forgotten samfu and rehashing the Chinese woman’s pantsuit.

All Prints Charming designs may be customised to fit or in varying fabrications and colours.

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