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RGB 2017

RGB is based on the trichromatic theory of colour vision developed in the early to mid nineteenth century by physicists Thomas Young and Hermann Helmholtz, which basically tells us that we perceive colour according to three types of colour receptors in our retina: ones that pick up on red, ones that pick up on green and ones that pick up on blue.

The RGB model in turn provides the bedrock for the present understanding of processes of colour. The receptors in our eyesare designated “red, green and blue, “because they are sensitive to light in those respective frequency ranges.

The additive primary colours are red,green and blue, because they are the colours to which we are the most optically sensitive and which we are able to perceive most purely vision and the quantitative measurement of colour which underpins photography, technology and a huge variety of modern manufacturing and service industries.

RGB 2017 is dedicated to this wonderful discovery, however late in life it came to me.

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