Lily Pad Plate


Buoyant with air filled veins, the lily pad simultaneously catches the sun while dipped in the water. Surfaced with a waxy cuticle, the leaf repels water to keep it afloat.

Our Lily Pad plate is generous enough to accommodate anything from a whole fish, a Thali, a platter of popiah and even a whole cake. Can also serve as a charger or a dinner plate.

Practice the art of tropical tablescaping with fun and finesse. Inspired by the constant presence of botanics in Southeast Asian cuisine and dining rituals, Suvarnabumi Tropicana presents serveware in familiar forms. Tapping into generations of traditional ceramic artistry, all pieces are crafted entirely by hand in Pejaten - home to some of the most skilled ceramicists in Bali.


  • Stoneware
  • Moulded, sculpted, glazed and finished entirely by hand
  • φ30cm, H4.5cm
  • Packaged with 100% recycled paper
  • Made in Bali


Microwave safe. Handwash only. 



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