A flower shaped natural rattan tray with a handwoven base depicting an indigenous Iban pattern. Sturdy rattan handles. Base weave and handles handbound in synthetic rattan. Perfect for display, serveware, floral arrangement and gifting.


  • Natural Rotan Mantang (Plectocomia) frame
  • Handwoven centerpiece in synthetic rattan
  • Synthetic rattan binding
  • Made in Malaysia from locally harvested rattan



Rattan’s porous quality allows it to be breathable and withstand humidity, perfect for tropical climates. However, avoid placement under direct sunlight and rain.

Maintenance is simple and should be carried out every few months. Vacuum or brush with toothbrush to loosen dust, then wipe down with a damp cloth. Leave to air dry.

Fabric panels should be coated with an upholstery protector every six months.



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