Ong Shunmugam tableware is lovingly built around the Asian dining table, cuisine and culinary rituals.

Cues from a Southeast Asian context rich in terrestrial biodiversity, spices and symbols co-exist with varied genres and compositions of brushwork to form a repertoire independent of decorative restrictions or auspicious implications.

This 11-piece collection features porcelain, wood and linen and is a result of extensive research into Chinese, Japanese, Malay, Middle Eastern and Peranakan tableware; tracing design and product evolution to signpost the beginning of a deeply personal, artistic and enduring narrative.

Designed, illustrated and painted in our studio in Singapore, Ong Shunmugam tableware is made in Japan from Arita porcelain, prized for its purity, smoothness and ergonomic comfort. 

Produced with guidance from fellow Singaporean brand Supermama and Japanese porcelain masters Kihara, artworks are carefully applied as an underglaze using pigment derived from cobalt oxide, coated with glaze and then fired in a kiln. 

Retailing exclusively at Atelier Ong Shunmugam, The National Museum of Singapore and The Asian Civilisations Museum.