The OM Membership Programme is designed to thank you for continuously supporting our commitment to designing and producing original work. 

No membership cards necessary - simply activate your account on our website and track points and vouchers at any time. All are welcome! 
  • To become an OM member

Simply spend $1000 on OM pieces in a single receipt (excluding delivery and alteration fees).

  • Activating your account

Congratulations! An email invite to create an account will be sent to you, please set up the account with the same email address used during your purchase and create your password. Once you log in, you should see an “OM MEMBERSHIP” tab at the bottom right of the webpage, this tab allows you to track your points and credits.

  • Earn points with every OM purchase

Once you are an OM member, every purchase of an OM piece will allow points to be earned, via both online and instore. For every $1 spent, 1 point will be credited for the Anak Bulan Tier (more details about our tiers below). Please note that delivery and alteration charges will not be accounted for points.  

  • Membership Tiers

Presenting the Anak Bulan (New Moon), Bulan Sabit (Crescent Moon) and Purnama (Full Moon) tiers: 

  • Beginning from Anak Bulan, with every $1 spent, 1 point will be earned
  • Spending $2000 within 30 days on OM pieces will lead you to our next tier, Bulan Sabit, in which your points will be multiplied by 1.1 (every $200 spent will gain you 220 points now)
  • Spending $3000 within 30 days on OM pieces will lead you to Purnama, our final tier. Your points will now be multiplied by 1.2 (every $200 spent will gain you 240 points)
  • Vouchers

Redeem a $50 OM voucher with 800 points earned , and a $150 OM voucher with 1600 points earned. Do allow 24 hours from the time of your most recent purchase for the system to generate the vouchers. After that, simply click on the “Get Rewards” tab to see the list of vouchers you can redeem. All vouchers can be used either online or instore. Only 1 voucher is allowed to be used per purchase.

  • Expiry

There are no expiry periods for both points and vouchers.

  • Were my points received into my account?

A confirmation email will be sent every time after points are earned. Do allow 24 hours for the email to be received into your inbox or junk folder. If your points were not received, please write to and allow us to investigate this for you.

  • Can I carry over my previous OM membership and credits?

The OM Membership Programme has been entirely revamped as we welcome you to a new phase of OM. This is a fresh start for all, and we will not be able to honour past credits.

  • Can my points and vouchers be shared with a friend?

Accounts are individual and we strongly encourage you to keep it to yourself! Points and vouchers will only be applied according to the purchase account, vouchers can only be used with the account they were redeemed from.

  • I have a voucher but missed out keying in the code at checkout, can my purchase still be discounted?

Please keep the voucher for your next purchase! There is no expiry for all our vouchers, so another chance is always by your side.