The Ong Shunmugam design vocabulary is scaffolded by inclusivity over diversity, clarity to sift through the cliches and authorship as a fundamental operating principle.

Embedded somewhere in the mix is also a sensitivity to sociocultural shifts around us, particularly related to women. We propose ideas but only in reflection of the audience we were always meant to serve.

Our narrative continues to be underpinned by: 

  • Old Fashion

Poking the rich provenance and history of Asian craft with a stick. Less interested in nostalgia or caricatures. Less concerned with tigers and dragons. 

  • Inclusiveness

Everyone from China and Sri Lanka is equally considered, with no particular preference. Equal representation. Asia is more than just a Chinese face.

  • Mindfulness

Pay attention to thought as much as to design. Pay attention to customer as much as to design. Go beyond assumption or lazy categorisation.

  • Progressiveness

Approach Asian silhouettes and textiles with respect and consideration, but without fear. Pursue meaningful translations. How do we define modern Asia?