We understand the challenges some might face when shopping online.

To assist you in making the best possible decision before you make a purchase on OngShunmugam.com we are glad to offer a Personal Shopper service that provides the following:

Detailed advice on sizing

If the information provided in our Construction and Sizing Guides sections do not suffice, we will walk you through the process of nailing down the most likely size for you or for your gift recipient. Write to us at info@ongshunmugam.com 

Which colour suits me better?

If you are struggling to decide between colours and simply need a second opinion, write to us at info@ongshunmugam.com and we will dispense valuable judgment.

Does this style even suit me? How would I wear this?

Our responsibility extends to making sure you feel comfortable and confident about pulling off a design, especially if it’s something you’ve never worked before. You shouldn’t purchase something you won’t wear. Write to us at info@ongshunmugam.com

Gift Giving

If you want to surprise someone without getting a foot wrong, consider yourself in safe hands. We can take all the stress out of making her happy. Write to us at info@ongshunmugam.com to explore our sizing, taste matching and gift wrapping.